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About us

Since 2013 International Dance Week Budapest has become one of the leading dance workshop-festivals in Europe hosting more than 1000 dancers, teachers and artists around the world so far. During the two hottest weeks of the Budapest summer, the festival offers a space to explore, learn, share and most of all celebrate dance together.

With the ambition to grow together with the international contemporary dance scene, it has always been essential to invite teachers from the top established dance companies as well as introduce the finest of the Hungarian dance scene to our participants. Advocating emerging artists, sustainability and egalitarian environment where everyone can flourish and leave with an unforgettable experience.

IDW Budapest is organized by SUB.LAB. Event Productions in partnership with Sín Arts Centre.

The team

IDW goes green

During the festival we aim towards a more sustainable future.
We wish to make our festival greener each year and encourage our participants to leave footprints only on the dance floor!

Together we can help the environment by:



Avoid single use plastics and bring your own refillable water bottle to the festival. The tap water is perfectly drinkable.



Our tasty lunch is prepared by Tamás Fejszák who makes sure that all the ingredients are from the daily market, seasonal and without any preservatives or highly processed. We recommend the vegetarian or vegan option, but if you are more of a carnivore type, don’t worry, our meat hasn’t traveled from other countries nor seen single plastic packaging.

Our bar “Pöti Büfe’ offers great homemade sandwiches, smoothies, protein bars, coffee, tea and lemonade from bio and natural ingredients to keep you energized and chilled between all the hot dancing.
…and of course homemade Palinka shot to finish the day.



We keep our studios, toilets, bathrooms, büfé and common spaces clean with ecological cleaning supplies to protect nature.
We recommend the use of natural soaps that you can even buy during the festival.



If you can re-use it, don’t toss it ! If you can’t, then find the suitable place for it amongst our recycling bins. All of our leftover food is taken to piggies, goats and ducks at a nearby city farm.



When traveling to Budapest we recommend you to consider traveling by train. For traveling inside Budapest you can even rent the citybike “MOL Bubi” for very little money.

Our partners

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