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Tom Weksler & Roser Tutusaus

Tom Weksler & Roser Tutusaus


“Our artistic work is the interplay between two languages: movement and spatial. The synergy between them creates unique worlds that are different in every piece. This leads to the writing of the stories that the body holds. We search for the coexistence between personal stories and the accumulated human experience. Those are invisible forces that drive the performative act.

Creation and performance essentially are a process of transformation. Transformation is, for us, a metaphor to understand art and its place in life.”

Roser Tutusaus and Tom Weksler have had a long international career as freelance dancers and creators before they began collaborating in 2018.

In 2019, they formed the performance art company Wonderground, based in Barcelona and with international projection. Their approach to movement is articulated through creation, practice, performance and pedagogy. Together they have given workshops around the world and created pieces in various contexts: street and site specific, theater, commission works and school pieces. They are currently touring the outdoor piece ‘RISE’ and the theater piece ‘Tears In The Rain’. Their movement language is deriving inspiration from Contemporary Dance, Acrobatics, Butoh and Partnering. Their creative process expands and collaborates with space design, philosophy, and storytelling.