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Šuka Horn

Šuka Horn

Dimitris Papaioannou Company


“The class aims to inspire the participants to move with playful joy and a sense of harmony. These qualities help to develop the skillfulness needed, in order to safely expand personal abilities.

Part of my ongoing search is to develop both external and internal qualities simultaneously and to learn to integrate my love for raw physical challenge with my interest for moving with sensitivity and ease. In the class we will explore shifting weight onto body parts other than the feet, drawing inspiration from my training in acrobatics, floor work and breaking. We will also explore movement games to develop physical qualities and alertness. My own curiosity and experience with a variety of training approaches besides dance have influenced my way of thinking, moving and teaching. Join me if you are interested in exploring moving inside-out and upside-down!”

Suka Horn, born and raised in Germany, started training breakdance at the age of 12. This passion and the exploration of other styles led him to study at and graduate from Codarts University of the Arts in Rotterdam. After an internship with “18 monkey dance theater” in Thailand he worked with R.O.P.A. and created a solo supported by Dansateliers Rotterdam. In 2020 he moved to Athens to be part of Dimitris Papaioannou’s creation “Transverse Orientation” , which led to another creation “INK”, a duet with Papaioannou himself. Suka is currently tourings those works while also occasionally teaching classes for students and professionals.