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Jenna Jalonen

Jenna Jalonen

Collective Dope


Exploration of continuous and infinite moving. How to travel through different movement qualities from standing upper level all the way gradually to the floor within one trip. Waving, bouncing and floating into a very concentrated and relaxed state of mind. Without stopping after each exercise and re-entering for a next one, we try to continuously stay in physical exploring mode with our body and understand how this affects the movement itself. We will work on set movement patterns inspired by house dance, footwork, acrobatic elements and floor technique combining them with improvisational qualities of isolation, liquidity, release and your own personal style and flow.


The soft way to start and finish the day together.
In the morning we are waking up the body with fluid waves and imagination. Preparing the body and mind for all possible places that we might encounter during the day.
In the evening we are cooling down ‘the instruments’ that we have filled up with new information and knowledge throughout the workshops. Stretching, massaging and relaxing with different kinds of approaches as well as sharing some highlights of the day to the fellow dancers.

Jenna Jalonen a.k.a triplejay graduated from the Hungarian Dance Academy in 2011, but already started to collaborate and work together with several international companies and choreographers since 2010 such as Eva Duda Dance Co., Kubilai Khan Investigations, Kwaad bloed/Ugo Dehaes, fABULEUS, Notch Company, Thierry de Mey, Theater Bremen, Máté Mészáros,, Untamed Productions and HODWORKS. Together with Beatrix Simkó their production Long time no see! was part of the Festival d’Avignon Sujets á Vif program in 2018 and was selected amongst the Aerowaves Twenty19 productions. Her production BEAT ‘I just wish to feel you’ was also selected for Aerowaves Twenty20 and Yokohama Dance Collection/YPAM in 2022. She has been awarded twice with the Rudolf Lában Prize for the best contemporary dance performances of 2019 and 2021. She is the co-founder and choreographer of Collective Dope which, besides developing choreographic work, organizes [D]OPEN YOUR MOVE mini-festival, a platform to support young contemporary and urban dancers. For some years she has been developing and teaching triplewave movement practice for professional dancers and movers. She is the Project Director of International Dance Week Budapest as well as co-founder and choreographer of SUB.LAB PRO The Ensemble Program.