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Jenna Jalonen

Jenna Jalonen

Collective Dope


How would my body move if it didn’t know how to move? How far does my imagination need to fly until it transmits to my body. How would I move if everything was possible?

How would I dance if I was not a dancer?

Antidance is movement practice to celebrate the body memory of love for dancing. Decoding the technically skilled body to its core, back to where movements and forms have no rank. Exploration of decision making and surprise of the body in movement. Translating ‘amateur’ physicality into conscious methods of organizing the body in space. Playground of performativity and expression of emotional drama on our favorite music tracks.

Jenna Jalonen a.k.a triplejay is a finnish born dancer, choreographer and producer. She is the Co-owner of SUB.LAB Event Productions – a performing arts organisation behind SUB.LAB.PRO The Ensemble Program, International Dance Week Budapest, Collective Dope and SeeThrough Agency.

Since her graduation from the Hungarian Dance University in 2011 she has been collaborating and working for international companies and choreographers such as Eva Duda Dance Co (HU), Kubilai Khan Investigations (FR), Kwaad bloed/Ugo Dehaes (BE), fABULEUS (BE), Notch Company (BE), Thierry de Mey (BE), Unusual Symptoms/Theater Bremen (DE), Máté Mészáros (HU), Untamed Productions (PT) and HODWORKS (HU).

Her choreographic works Long time no see! and BEAT ‘I just wish to feel you’ were part of the Aerowaves selection of Twenty19 and Twenty20. She has been awarded twice with the Rudolf Lában Prize for the best contemporary dance performance in 2019 with BEAT and in 2021 with RING, a creation for the 1st generation of SUB.LAB.PRO.

She is hosting [D]OPEN your move mini-festival – a melting pot platform to support Hungarian and international dancers coming from contemporary and urban dance.