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Gyula Cserepes

Gyula Cserepes



In order to ensure a long lasting, sustainable, healthy practice, the tuning-in before dance classes, as well as the tuning-out after them are as important as the work itself. Warm Down to Heal offers a gradual cooling down at the end of the hardworking days of International Dance Week Budapest. The one-hour long sessions, created and led by choreographer and dancer, Gyula Cserepes, will take you on a fun journey through breathing and relaxation techniques, body work and somatic practices. The class will aim to reflect on the daily routine of the festival, offering a journey from the dynamic, pumped-up state of body and mind into a calm and balanced evening mode of physical consciousness. While you are warming down, you will meet yourself on a deeper level, discover the people who share the studio with you and essentially take a step into the ever-growing community of beautiful souls, who connect through movement and dance.

Born in Yugoslavia, he grew up in a Hungarian speaking family and began to dance at the age of 8. He studied traditional dances at Fóti Népművészeti Szakközép- és Szakiskola and contemporary dance at the Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy. First he was a member of Central-Europe Dance Theatre, then he joined En-Knap Group in Ljubljana. Over the past years he performed with the Swiss Cie József Trefeli and Cie Philippe Saire in many countries of the world from Brazil to Iran, Australia to South-Korea, Mozambique to Mexico. His own performances move on a range from site-specific to interactive dance performance. The base of his work is rhythm as a universal language: combining his folk- and contemporary dance background, he creates innovative works, which are researching the essence of dance and its essential role in human life.