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Eszter Gál

Eszter Gál

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The Good Morning hour is built from a delicate arrival into our bodies, through attention games to solo and partner movement studies to playful scores. These will serve the purpose of letting go of all unnecessary tension, finding our own movement vocabulary, and becoming available for receiving information from outside and from within. The practice of simple moves directed into diverse dances is aiming at generating heat and coming to alertness. Each class will be different with the same intention, getting ready to explore the wide range of dances throughout the day.

Eszter Gál is a dancer, teacher, somatic educator, and choreographer. Teaching release-based movement technique, and improvisation including Contact for more than 27 years. Currently, she is in the dissertation phase of her doctoral studies at the University of Theater and Film Arts in Budapest. She is one of the co-founders of IDOCDE, a project on documenting contemporary dance. She is teaching internationally since 1998 and creating her artistic work
since 1993. In 2020 she joined the Berlin-based Cranky Bodies a/company, participating in research projects and new creations.