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Dávid Mikó

Dávid Mikó

Psycle of Movement Imagination


“The movement material of the course is nourished by Kung Fu. It aims to experience the efficient use of energy in motion. The base training comprehensively strengthens the muscle groups around the joints of which part is a static and slow strengthening. The stances and the springs from these positions improves the stability of the legs and the arm work which builds on this leads to applying impulses immersed from the ground. The precise arm work which targets the body, clarifies the direction of the movements, thus enriching the range of movements that can be performed around the body. We manage the dynamics and timing of motion in the cross section of soft-hard-fast-slow qualities. Catches and grabs develop the effort on the periphery and thus create an articulated use of these areas. Punches, kicks and their protection adds a function to movement and improves dynamic arm and leg work. In terms of the long-term effects of repeating movements many times, a kind of persistent and steady focus is created through the development of the body and consciousness. In free application the emphasis is on the instinctive manifestation of embedded information. By softening and transforming traditional and combat-like movements, we build them into self-recurring short sequences that transform into a flow with the constantly pulsating music.”

Dávid Mikó, after finishing his studies at the BCDA and SEAD worked with many choreographers as a dancer. Besides creations he has been giving workshops, classes and regular training for professional companies, schools and other educational programs. His teaching includes floorwork, dynamic partnering and improvisation. Since 2015 he has actively been practicing Kung Fu and became an instructor as well. This movement practice gradually took up more and more space in his moving life. His other inspirational field is to work with props, such as sticks, spears and poi. These techniques came from fire juggling and martial arts giving another layer of using the space around the body. Dávid believes that progressively built and regular hard training which constantly pushes the boundaries of the body and consciousness, and through that self-knowledge and self development can evolve.