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Aisi Zhou

Aisi Zhou


freestyle /improvisation

In the realm of my artistic expression, improvisation plays a profoundly significant role, whether in contemporary dance or the rhythmic beats of hip-hop, commonly referred to as freestyle. It is a sacred space where dancers can rediscover themselves and embrace a profound sense of well-being within their own bodies and creative propositions.

I aspire to bring forth techniques that illuminate the joy of dancing in harmony with music, unraveling the secrets of how to revel in the rhythm and create connections with other bodies. For me, this goes beyond mere movement; it is a celebration of the unique language that each body speaks, a symphony of individual expressions converging into a collective masterpiece. I am driven by the desire to guide dancers in unlocking the limitless potential within themselves, fostering a community where creativity flows boundlessly, and the dance floor becomes a canvas for shared stories and connections. Let us embark on a journey of self-discovery, where the magic of improvisation opens doors to new dimensions of expression and unity in motion.

Movement research

Embarking on a journey of self-discovery is like distilling the vast reservoir of knowledge we’ve amassed along our path. It’s about resetting to ground zero, akin to the moment before we learned to run, when we first learned to walk, and even earlier, when we began to crawl. Movement research is the pursuit of uncovering new possibilities that our bodies have yet to develop or become accustomed to. It’s about willingly plunging into the challenges of uncharted limits, embracing the unknown, and daring to redefine what we thought was impossible. In this endeavor, we discover that every step backward is a stride forward, every challenge met is a triumph earned, and every unknown limit is an invitation to surpass ourselves.


The idea is to bring forth and share my journey and dance style. Each step, each movement is a canvas upon which I paint the colors of my experiences. Through dance, I invite you to join me in a symphony of self-expression, where the rhythm of my life intertwines with the beat of the music. Together, let’s create a masterpiece of shared moments, celebrating the beauty that arises when passion and movement
converge. Join me on this dance of life, where every step is an affirmation of the joy found in sharing the unique story that is my own.

Aisi Zhou, a radiant soul hailing from the enchanting city of Lanzhou, China, is a true embodiment of cultural fusion. With Chinese-Gabonese roots, Aisi is a marvelously gifted artist whose talents know no bounds. She weaves her artistic magic across various realms – be it dance, photography, painting, or design.
Her journey as a dancer spans an impressive nine years, during which she both studied and imparted her knowledge in the vibrant dance scene of China. A proud graduate of the Guangdong Academy of Dramatic Art and Dance of China since 2016, Aisi immersed herself in the rich traditions of Chinese dance and contemporary expressions. Since 2017, she has been a captivating interpreter in a prestigious dance company in China.

In 2017, driven by a thirst for artistic exploration, Aisi made a bold decision to move to France, where she delved into the intricate world of hip-hop dance. Along her journey, she also graced Switzerland with her presence, leaving an indelible mark.

The culmination of her European adventure came in 2021 when she graduated from the Manufacture Haute École des Arts de la Scène in Switzerland. Here, she deepened her understanding of dance performance and improvisation, refining her skills to perfection.

Aisi’s contemporary dance is a vibrant tapestry woven with threads of hip-hop culture, Saoling influences, Chinese dance, and contemporary expressions. Her unique blend of styles has earned her the title of an experimental dancer, showcasing the harmonious convergence of diverse artistic vibrations.

Currently, Aisi Zhou stands as a beacon in the realm of professional dance. Her graceful movements find a home in multiple hip-hop dance companies, and she fearlessly participates in dance battles, leaving audiences awe-inspired. Aisi is not just a dancer; she is a living testament to the beauty that arises when cultures collide, and art becomes a universal language that transcends borders. With each step she takes, Aisi dances into the hearts of those who witness her, leaving behind a trail of inspiration and admiration.