Photo by Daniel Dömölky
Csaba Varga

Csaba Varga started as a sport aerobic competitor at the age of 7, won several youth national and world championships. He started dancing hip hop in 2005 and contemporary dance in 2006. First he studied in Budapest Contemporary Dance School (2007-2009) then in Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance (2009-2010). After finishing SEAD he continued his education in Paris learning hip hop in Juste Debout School and parkour from Yamakasi founders in ADD Academy. From 2008 he had been working with Hungarian choreographers such as Adrienn Hód, Réka Szabó, Attila Kun, Zsuzsa Rózsavölgyi, Tamás Bakó, Márta Ladjánszki, Máté Mészáros and with artists from abroad: Eleonore Valére-Lackhy (Fr/Be), Frank Micheletti (Kubilai Khan Investigations) (FR), Kaori Ito (Ballet C de la B (JP/BE), Hiroaki Umeda (JP). Currently he is touring with Compagnie Linga (CH), Guy Nader & Maria Campos (LB, ES), László Fülöp (HU) and Anton Lachky Company (BE/SK).

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