Bui Ngoc Quan

Quan Bui Ngoc started his dance training as a child at the National School of Vietnam, joining until 1996 the Ballet of the Hanoi Opera. In 1997 Bernadette Tripier invited him to France. He stays in the dance school of Istres for a year and a half, where he explores contemporary dance techniques. He regularly returns to Vietnam to work together with the Opera or to set up several projects. He met Alain Platel in 2002 to start working with him for Wolf. He continued this collaboration with vsprs (2006), pitié! (2008), Out of Context-for Pina (2010), C(H)OEURS (2012) and as assistant from Alain in Nicht Schlafen (2016). In 2009 he collaborated with Lisi Estaras as a dancer in Bolero (2009) and as a co-director in I know a place (2009), a creation for the dance school of Istres. He created Jump or fall (2009) with Juliana Neves and Samuel Lefeuvre. In 2011 he joined the Australian Dance Theatre for the tour of Be Your Self. From 2012 till 2014 created his own work K. and Untold with 3art3 from Zürich. Last year he worked on pieces as choreographer or coach with specific groups as children, even prisoners and amateurs. He worked with Alain Platel for Nicht Schlafen and Requiem as assistant director for the choreography. This work as assistant continued in the work as artistic coach and initiator for the mass choreography on "Le Sacre du Printemps" performed in Ghent for Dag van de Dans (2018), created " Blurry" a dance performance for Evaduda dance company in Budapest , " Die another day " for 4 female dancer in Krakow - Poland Recently he worked on a duet "Sculpture" (2019) with a disabled dancer from Platform K and multi-instrumentalist Karen Willems which is still touring. Created "Come on feet ) a collaboration with two musicians Bert cool and Sttijn cool and the group of Chicago footwork in Dansand festival and at the Singel Antwerpen - Belgium
In between his European work, Quan travels regularly to Vietnam to teach in ... and create " The Roof" pieces with the contemporary dancers from Ho Chi Minh Symphony Ballet Opera and then "Behind the Eye" for Opera National of Vietnam.

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