Photo by Daniel Dömölky
Gyula Cserepes

Was born in Yugoslavia, grew up in a Hungarian speaking family, began to dance at the age of 8. Studied traditional dances at the High School of Folk Arts in Fót (HU) and contemporary dance at the Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy (HU). First, he was a member of Central-Europe Dance Theatre, Budapest (HU), then of En-Knap Group, Ljubljana (SI). Since 2012 Gyula has been a freelance author and performer. In the past year he had performed in numerous places of the world from Brazil to Iran, Australia to South-Korea, Mozambique to Mexico with the Swiss companies Cie József Trefeli and Cie Philippe Saire. His own creations range from site-specific to interactive dance performances. The starting point for his work is rhythm as a universal language. Through that he combines his traditional- and contemporary dance background. Based on that, Gyula creates innovative performances, which research the essence of dancing and its essential role in human life.
For several years Gyula is also actively engaged developing a dance pedagogic method Lizard Beats, which is rooted in rhythm and musicality. Besides giving workshops, he is a regular teacher of International Dance Week Budapest and the Hungarian Academy of Theatre and Film.

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